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"Serial Entrepreneurs"

Starting 10 failed businesses in 10 years, or 5 failed businesses in 5 years does not make you a serial entrepreneur.

Constantly looking for opportunities to create higher value in the world, delivering that value, and then moving on to create higher value with your learning, by addressing current market and technological needs takes consistent, intelligent hard work. Pivoting, too, is a scientific process. Just running around pretending to be one thing today, and something else next month does not make you a serial entrepreneur. Squandering your team’s talent and your investors money while you collect a paycheck, and then rinsing and repeating, is not serial entrepreneurship.

Reminds me of when i went to a talk in 2008, my companion was an attractive female friend. A gentleman at the table was regaling her with stories of his serial entrepreneurship while I was refilling my plate. He was “a CTO at a solar startup”. A wise old man at the table asked him “So, what did you do before this?”. He replied “I was the CTO of a green energy company”. And before that? “I was the Founder of a networking company”. Wise old dude “Wow, that is a lot of different technology areas, isn’t it?”.

Some at the table understood.

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