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  4. snow-faced answered: yessss! SDSU
  5. nightospehre answered: no
  6. billie-jean-kisses answered: of course….my biggest concern though is am i really going to achieve what i strive so hard for..
  7. sighentists answered: being bored
  8. sarpop answered: getting in the rigth school
  9. deformedfish answered: Yes!
  10. mclovinqq answered: picking the right major
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“I'm an applicant to biomedical engineering school and medical school, and found that rather than tooting my own horn, @brainiestinc kudos from classmates, professors, volunteer program coordinators and Doctors I shadow have been more effective in taking the next step in my education. This is a pretty rad tool for students to show off their creds!” – Desiray LeClair, future Doctor